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Today Mountain Home’s certification training has evolved significantly from our original Reengineering focus. We now offer a wide range of training and certification that includes all of the concepts, techniques, and tools that an organization can use to solve any performance problem. Our Lean Six Sigma Certification Training Program takes us back to our roots of industrial engineering, quality management, lean manufacturing, statistical analysis and simulation. We have combined our vast knowledge of business process management, performance management, and knowledge management with the discipline of industrial engineering and customer focus of quality management to create a Lean Six Sigma Certification program that is innovative and comprehensive.

As you can see, it has been an incredible journey, but one that has given us some of the most rewarding times of our lives! The experiences we’ve shared with both our government and business colleagues have shaped our approach to not only our jobs, but our lives as well. So, whether its Lean Six Sigma, business process reengineering, or enterprise performance management, you can count on Mountain Home to bring you the very best training, certification, and consulting services that will energize your organization, enabling it to maximize its potential of becoming a high-performing Learning Enterprise that is self-adaptive, innovative, effective, efficient, and competitive in any environment!

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