Process Modeling and Activity Based Costing, MHC-1034

Course Benefits
  • Use IDEF0 and ABC to analyze core business processes.

  • Understand the role of IDEF0 Activity Modeling in building ABC Models.

  • Learn how Process Mapping is used in conjunction with IDEF0 to define a complete Process view.

  • Learn the basics of conducting an IDEF0/ABC study.

  • Learn how to use process mapping as an effective analysis tool.

  • Exercises will provide a “hands-on experience” in developing and analyzing Activity Models and Activity Costs.

Today, throughout both the Commercial and Federal, State, and local government sectors, change is inevitable. Performance Improvement is the watchword. Budgets are being slashed at all levels. ERP systems are being installed. Business Process Management & Reengineering (BPM&R) has been used very successfully as a means to improve an organization’s performance. Reengineering is defined as the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to bring about dramatic improvements in organizational performance. It’s an exciting philosophy that encompasses many, if not all, of the improvement concepts and techniques that have been used over the past 50 years, including such areas as methods improvements, TQM (incremental process improvement), Six Sigma/Lean Innovation, performance measurement, business process management (BPM), productivity improvement, as well as others.

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