Strategic Planning Principles, MHC-301

Course Benefits
  • Latest on strategic planning and performance management concepts and strategies for implementation

  • Up-to-date reference/course materials

  • Discussion of a proven, structured approach to strategic planning and developing meaningful performance measures

  • Presenters with actual experience in strategic planning and building effective performance management systems from a strategic perspective

  • Strategies on integrating information technology, business process reengineering, and other process improvement efforts with business strategy.

For years known for its industry-leading training in Organization Transformation through business process reengineering, Mountain Home has once again come to the forefront with its new Enterprise Performance Management training curriculum. This new curriculum takes the best from its years of providing the MHi Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Certification Program training series and combines it with our extensive experience in strategic planning and performance management consulting to bring you the most practical, useful techniques available to implement effective enterprise-wide performance management systems. By providing training focused on a holistic approach to performance management, the student learns how performance is measured and managed throughout every aspect of the enterprise, enabling it to stay focused on creating perpetual customer value, beginning with Strategic Planning.

No enterprise will be successful today without a solid, integrated strategic plan driven by a clear vision and supported by a strong performance management system. There’s been a tremendous amount of literature written on Strategic Planning and much of it is less than understandable. Each faculty member at Mountain Home has over 20 years experience in not only teaching and facilitating Strategic Planning classes/sessions, but also in planning for their own organization’s success!

Mountain Home has developed a series of seminars and workshops that focus on the development of an enterprise’s strategic and performance plans which beyond the tenets set by Robert Kaplan and David Norton in their internationally heralded book, “The Balanced Scorecard, Translating Strategy into Action”. For our U.S. Federal government clients, this training series also exceeds the requirements set forth in the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA).

This workshop is designed for individuals who are currently, or soon to be, involved in Strategic Planning which includes developing a performance management system for their organization; or those who need to know what to consider when deciding to undertake such an effort.

  • The latest information concerning Performance Management strategies and direction.
  • An overview of strategic planning and why it is the foundation of any process improvement effort.
  • Tools and techniques that are used in the definition, analysis, development, and implementation of organizational strategic plans.
  • Apply a step-by-step approach to strategic planning using the attendee’s organization as the case study.

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