Business Process Reengineering Practitioner Certification, MHC-1000

Course Benefits
  • Proven, hands-on, blended approach to learning (with many group discussions, exercises, and case studies) that includes classroom participation and the use of Mountain Home’s online resources.

  • Latest on BPM / BPR strategy and applications.

  • Up-to-date reference/course materials.

  • Apply a proven, structured approach to business process reengineering

  • Presenters with actual experience in the area of process reengineering and strategic planning

Today, throughout both the commercial and government sectors, change is inevitable. Performance Improvement is the watchword. Budgets are being slashed at all levels. Business Process Management & Reengineering (BPM / BPR) has been relied on as a means to significantly improve an organization’s performance. BPM / BPR is defined as the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes and culture to bring about dramatic improvements in organizational performance.

It’s an exciting philosophy that encompasses many, if not all, of the improvement concepts and techniques that have been used over the past 50 years, including such areas as Six Sigma/Lean, TQM (continuous process improvement), performance measurement, productivity improvement, as well as others.

The Mountain Home Institute for Innovative Management (MHi) BPM / BPR Accelerated Certification Program is an industry-leading training program whereby individuals are provided one-on-one, intense instruction and mentoring in addition to becoming certified as a BPM / BPR Practitioner. A BPM / BPR Practitioner has demonstrated working knowledge of the theory and application of the key concepts of BPM / BPR enabling him/her to lead a BPM / BPR team.

The objective of the BPM / BPR Certification Program is to provide not only the academic portion of the program, but to also provide an environment where participants can develop their own ideas on how to apply the concepts, techniques, and tools that are taught in the classroom. This is achieved through small group, one-on-one assistance from Mountain Home’s seasoned BPM / BPR mentors both during and after the classroom session. Achieving the BPM / BPR Practitioner Certification is an assurance to the organization that their employees possess a level of knowledge and skill which will enable them to be active members of any BPM / BPR, ERP, Lean, or performance improvement team.

Each participant will also have access to Mountain Home’s Student Resource Center (SRC) where they will find a myriad of resources, such as white papers, articles, online glossary, Webinars, Templates/Tools, discussion forums, chat areas, and much more.

The MHi BPM / BPR Practitioner Certification Training Series is a must for Business Analysts, BPM or ERP Implementation Teams, Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Teams, and of course, Business Process Reengineering/Redesign Teams.

  • Developing the initial Strategic/Business Plan
  •  Defining Performance Gaps
  •  Conducting an Enterprise Readiness Assessment
  •  Organization Culture Change Techniques
  •  Process Modeling & Analysis
  •  Determining Enterprise Process & Technology Requirements
  •  Data Modeling
  •  Defining the Activity Based Cost (ABC) Model
  •  Using Bench-marking to Jump Start the To-Be Enterprise
  •  Business Case Analysis

Certification Outline

BPR Practitioner Certfication
BPR Fundamentals
Process Modeling & Mapping
Process Analysis & the Business Case

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