Success is not an accident.

To successfully create the levels of performance you need to be successful in today’s ever changing marketplace, every component of your organization must be in proper alignment – continuously adding value to your customer. This synergy can only be achieved by addressing all four key components of the enterprise – Process, Organization Culture, Organization Structure, and enabling Technology.

In response to this challenge, Mountain Home launched its Coaching & Mentorship Program. As current and former Business Leaders and Federal managers, we could identify with the marketplace challenges both business and government organizations face and the lack of an integrated approach to Transformation. Mountain Home’s Coaching & Mentorship Program was created to address those frustrations.

Coaching & Mentorship Program

At the heart of the Program is an integrated performance improvement methodology we call the Innovative Management Framework TM (IMF). The IMF leads an organization through a systematic model beginning with Strategic Planning, Process Modelling & Analysis, Activity Based Cost Modelling & Analysis, Business Case Development, and Implementation by asking a series of five questions. The answers dictate the steps needed to reach the defined end state. To ensure the organization reaches their destination, the IMF also includes the development of an Enterprise Performance Improvement (EPI) (Scorecard) System (cascaded throughout the organization) and the infusion of knowledge management principles which enable the organization to become a true Learning Enterprise. The IMF methodology produces results that directly support reengineering, lean, ERP implementation, as well as other process improvement efforts ongoing across business and government and is the foundation of the current NextGen Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and NextGen Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Certification training curriculum.

Success Leaves Clues

After over 25 years training and advising senior corporate and government clients on transforming their businesses, we know what it takes to create an environment where performance thrives. It’s our mission to bring Mountain Home’s vast knowledge and experience in business transformation to you, so you can stop the frustration & anxiety and achieve the performance gains you and your organization deserve! We have worked with over 3,500 corporate and government clients from Fortune 500 global companies and large Federal agencies to small and mid-sized companies. Over 76,500 individuals from 83 countries around the world have attended our seminars and training classes.

We have had nothing but high praise from those who have gone through

Mountain Home’s Coaching & Mentorship Program

because it gives you:

  • VALUE: Compare our Certification prices with others in the industry – No one even comes close to providing the level of quality we do at the price we do!

  • FLEXIBILITY: If you miss one of the class sessions (either classroom or online) you simply log into your account in our Student Resource Center (SRC) and review that day’s session. All sessions are recorded and uploaded to the SRC after each class for you to enjoy over and over again!

  • EXCITEMENT of being in a classroom: Because this is a blended program, you have the benefit of participating in both a traditional classroom environment as well as the convenience of follow up online collaboration. In both formats, you can join in on class discussions, ask questions, and get the advice you need to be successful directly from your Enterprise Performance Improvement (EPI) Leadership Coach.

  • PARTICIPATION: In class exercises, case studies, simulations; real life scenarios where you have to make the decisions just as you would in your own project.

  • COACHING: Each of our Certification Program participants are assigned an Enterprise Performance Management Leadership Coach who will guide them through the training program and provide follow up mentoring on the application of the concepts, techniques, and tools presented in the sessions.

  • STUDENT RESOURCE CENTER: Your access to the SRC provides you with articles, white papers, tools, worksheets, online glossary, student forum (where you can post questions or comments to discussions from around the world), and a chat area (where you can set up a live chat session with your group or join a session moderated by the instructor). And, there is no time limit on your access to the SRC, as you find with other programs!

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