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By combining the aligning power of Business Process Management (BPM) and Lean with the statistical discipline of Six Sigma, Mountain Home has once again come to the forefront with its Practical Lean Six Sigma Certification Program.  This curriculum takes the best from Mountain Home's years of providing its internationally renowned certification training in process reengineering & business process management and combines it with the know-ledge and practical application from our industrial engineering and quality management roots to bring together two of the industry's most powerful performance improvement approaches, Business Process Management (BPM) and Lean Six Sigma.

Over the past couple of years we have talked to hundreds of business and government leaders and employees asking them to identify their most pressing issues with Process Improvement.  Two of the most often mentioned topics were that of practical application and relevant training.  Most of the people we talked to continually expressed their frustration that much of what has been presented on process improvement, specifically Lean Six Sigma, was difficult to understand and even harder to apply.  Many also said that they have had difficulty with selecting the right Lean Six Sigma projects.  Choosing the wrong project can spell failure from the outset of the effort and which has caused many Lean Six Sigma projects to fail. New initiatives and projects are frequently created with little review or assessment of already-existing projects to address the same perceived problems.  Over time, numerous initiatives with overlapping missions and competing agendas grow up alongside one another-wasting money and baffling customers.

In creating a practical approach to process improvement, Mountain Home believed our training had to go much further than what is considered the industry standard.  For a process improvement project to truly be effective it must be linked back to the overall performance of the enterprise creating a clear understanding of the context in which the problem, or problems, exists. Business process management (BPM) brings a much needed perspective to the process improvement effort by defining enterprise processes that cross the many functional and departmental boundaries and produce the products and services of the organization. This ability to define an enterprise context allows the Lean Six Sigma team to focus on problems that affect the entire system, not just one small part of it.  By bringing together the synergistic power of Business Process Management (BPM) with the statistical discipline and rigor of Six Sigma, an organization will be able to bring its entire problem solving knowledge to bear in a multi-dimensioned way, ensuring a greater probability of success!

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We believe that to effectively change the way business gets done requires a much broader perspective than what is currently being taught in Lean Six Sigma training and certification programs. We do not believe that the focus of process improvement should be just on statistics. There is much more to designing the high-performance enterprise than the numbers! We believe that the effective process improvement team will have a mix of Six Sigma practitioners, process architects, information technologists, and operations experts. This holistic view of process improvement is reflected in our Lean Six Sigma Certification Program curriculum.

Mountain Home has been certifying process improvement practitioners for over a decade beginning with our internationally recognized Department of Defense (DoD) Business Process Improvement/Reengineering Certification Program.  Based on that experience, we have developed a holistic training experience that covers the key elements of Business Process Management, Lean Innovation, Six Sigma, Change Management, knowledge management and integrated performance management (using the Balanced Scorecard).

We have reviewed the certification criteria from the industry's most respected certification providers to develop the learning objectives and topics that we consider necessary for successful application of the principles, concepts, techniques, and tools of Lean Six Sigma and for completion of the certification examinations. The program is divided into three basic levels of knowledge using the currently accepted industry standard titles of Champion, Green Belt, and Black Belt Certification.

PLEASE NOTE:  The MHi Lean Six Sigma Certification series also meets the stringent requirements of both the Departments of Navy and Army Lean Six Sigma Certification Criteria and includes the Navy's LSS Body of Knowledge as well as the LSS Body of Knowledge from the American Society for Quality.

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