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Mountain Home offers a wealth of hands-on experience to businesses and government agencies through its consulting services. While part of the Army Management Engineering College (AMEC), we provided consulting services as a way of applying the knowledge and skills we acquired in an academic environment to the "real" world. At the same time we used the knowledge we gained from our consulting experience to keep our training material current and relevant. We continue this tradition today as Mountain Home!

BPR Certification
BPR Certification

We can assist your organization in identifying and implementing significant improvements in processes that lead to quantum leaps in performance beginning with initial strategic and business planning through preparing your employees for the changes that come with Transformation. We have many years of experience with initiatives such as Business Process Management & Reengineering, Enterprise Performance Management (Balanced Scorecard) and Lean Six Sigma, in addition to Functionality Assessments (FA), and the Federal government's OMB Circular A-76. Since information technology is a key enabler for an organization to achieve quantum leaps in performance, we also provide the organization with assistance in developing strategies that integrate technology with the organization's overall strategic direction.

We offer a different approach to consulting. Our approach is unique in that we have combined the convenience of a structured training class with the live facilitation of a consulting workshop, giving our clients a truly productive experience. The team not only receives basic and advanced concepts, techniques and tools in a classroom environment, each session the attendees actually participate in the development of the Enterprise Implementation Model (EIM) which is specifically designed for their organization. Because this Model is unique to your organization, it becomes the basis for any changes to the organization's core processes, technology, and organizational structure and culture and culminates in the development of a Business Case that documents the changes necessary to move the organization toward a High-Performance Learning Enterprise.

At the heart of the EIM is our proven integrated methodology called the Innovative Management FrameworkTM (IMF). The IMF is very flexible and can be configured to focus on any aspect of Process Innovation, whether it is an isolated area of the business that needs incremental improvement or a multi-functional core business process which needs to be completely re-invented!

We help you accomplish this daunting task through the creation of a REAL WORLD learning environment that integrates the knowledge transferred during the training sessions with the immediate application of that knowledge through the use of collaborative technologies, in real-time. The result is change in the organization's processes, technology and culture leading to significant gains in performance in a much shorter time than ever before!

So, are you ready to take the step to true "Process-Based Management" that will result in the significant performance gains that have eluded you for so long? If you are, Mountain Home can bring its years of knowledge to work for you!

Expertise we provide through our consultation services:

Lean Six Sigma
Business Process Reengineering
Activity Based Costing & Management
Cost and Performance Measurement
Strategic Planning & Performance Scorecarding
Business Process Management
Human Capital Planning
Process-Based Manpower Requirements Determination
Change Management
Data Modeling
Process/Activity Modeling
Business Case Analysis
Enterprise Knowledge Management
Business/Info Systems Planning
Workshop Facilitation

If you would like to take advantage of our many years of organizational performance improvement experience, give us a call at 1-877-502-HOME (4663) or email us at  

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I know we can help you to make your organization the most competitive it can be!


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