About the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online Course

Every day thousands of people, just like you, begin Lean Six Sigma projects. Many of those projects will either never be completed or won’t result in the level of performance gains the organization had hoped for. One of the major reasons is a lack of “REAL” and practical Lean Six Sigma Team preparation. Most teams attend some form of training, and even some receive Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt certification. However, most of this training is more theoretical than practical, and in today’s every changing economy, a practical approach is what we all need! In an attempt to help companies and government agencies weather this uncertain economic time, we wanted to do something PRACTICAL and certainly unheard of in our industry. For the first time, we are offering our complete Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Yellow Belt training course free! That’s right – A $595 value – FREE!! And, this is no “demo” course that lasts only a few minutes. It is a REAL training class that will provide you with insights into what Lean Six Sigma is and how to use it to improve your organization’s performance!

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