About the class

Any Enterprise Transformation initiative, whether through Process Reengineering or Lean Six Sigma is an expensive and risky undertaking. If the objective is breakthrough performance improvement, the project may extend for anywhere from one to eight months and consume not only funding resources, but also huge amounts of intellectual capital of people whom otherwise would be doing something else. This course gives you an in-depth immersion into the world of Project Leadership by teaching you how to initiate, plan, control, and complete your projects more efficiently and effectively. Project Management is defined as “the application of concepts, techniques, and principles to optimize project success”. The course provides practical concepts, techniques, and tools you can use to ensure your Process Reengineering, Lean Six Sigma, or other Performance Improvement project gets the results you need to be competitive!

Project Management brings a much-needed discipline to the process improvement effort by defining key work activities and resources that are needed to efficiently and effectively execute the Lean Six Sigma project. Many times the project crosses many functional and departmental boundaries and requires an ability to be both the analyst and the politician. Add to that the need for the team to keep on track and on budget and you have a very delicate balance indeed. Project Management skills are critical!

Who Should Attend:

This course is for anyone who will be responsible for managing, leading, and coordinating Process Reengineering or Lean Six Sigma projects in support of an Enterprise Transformation initiative that requires knowledge of practical, formal project management concepts, techniques, and tools.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Proven, hands-on, blended approach to learning (with many group discussions, exercises, and case studies) that includes classroom participation and the use of Mountain Home’s Student Resource Center (SRC) online resources.

  • Apply a proven, structured approach to Transformation through Process Reengineering and Lean Six Sigma through an emersion into the Enterprise Performance Improvement Project Leadership Model.

  • Latest on government Transformation efforts including, process/performance improvement trends, concepts, and implementation strategies.

  • Presenters with actual experience in the area of Process Reengineering, Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma process analysis, and business process management as well as having experience managing large enterprise-wide cross-functional Transformation projects.

What You Will Cover:

  • Section 1 – The Anatomy of an EPI Project

  • Section 2 – Introduction to Project Management Principles

  • Section 3 – The EPI Project Leadership Model

  • Section 4 – Identifying lessons learned – After Action Reviews/Retrospect.

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  • Price: $695

  • Dates: December 13-15, 2022

  • Class Hours: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM CST

  • Location: Live!Online Virtual Classroom