Welcome to Mountain Home's OnDemand Training Center. Here you will find many of our very popular training courses available to you in an interactive, online self-paced learning environment. Why should you consider a Mountain Home OnDemand training class? It's our Approach!

Innovative Approach.   The OnDemand format takes the best from our Live!Online sessions and combines it with additional video, simulations, and interactive exercises to form a truly unique learning experience. This format allows the student to view and interact with the material through individual exercises and case studies, all while never leaving their desk! In addition, our instructors will also be available during pre-scheduled hours for further individual assistance. As as added benefit, all of our online students will have access to Mountain Home's Learning Resource Center where they will find white papers, recommended reading lists, presentations, short videos lessons, and other resources that will enhance their learning experience.

Flexible Approach.   Because the classes are delivered online they are available when you are ready to join the sessions. The student can also view the sessions as many times as they feel they need to. This allows for reinforcement of the concepts, techniques, and tools taught during the classes.

Time Saving Approach!   Mountain Home's new OnDemand format reduces the time the student is away from their job, as well as eliminating the need for travel, saving both scarce budget dollars and time. Even though the time in the classroom has been reduced, the intensity and quality of instruction is the same as what you have come to expect from Mountain Home.

and finally, Value!   Our prices for OnDemand classes are up to 50% lower than attending a traditional Mountain Home public offering (open enrollment) class. You will find that our prices are very competitive when compared to other online learning opportunities. Even though we are reasonably priced, do not let the price fool you - the quality of our training remains high, a level our students and their organizations have come to expect from Mountain Home!


Mountain Home currently has the following OnDemand Class(es) Currently Available.


(Class Hours)

Price (USD)
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Lean Six Sigma Certification      
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (OnDemand) Self-Paced Free
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (OnDemand) 80 $1,695.00
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification-After Green Belt (OnDemand) 80 $1,695.00
MHi BPR to LSS Black Belt Advanced Practitioner Course (OnDemand) 40 $995.00
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (OnDemand) 160 $3,350.00
BPR Certification      
MHi BPR Practitioner Certification (Full Series) OnDemand 60 $1,695.00
BPR Fundamentals (with Strategic Planning) (BPRCP Course 1 of 3) 15 $475.00
Process Modeling and Activity Based Costing (BPRCP Course 2 of 3) 24 $695.00
Process Analysis and the Business Case (BPRCP Course 3 of 3) 18 $525.00
Other OnDemand Courses      
Process Modeling & Mapping Workshop, MHC-10303OD (OnDemand) 16 $595.00
Strategic Planning Principles (OnDemand) 12 $495.00

Many more class modules will be added throughout the year, so if you can't find one you want, contact us and we will notify you when we've added the course you are looking for!


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