lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, MHC-2003BP
                 for BPR Certification Graduates

The intent of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is to develop team leaders who have the experience and advanced skills to lead Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects.  These individuals not only lead the process improvement effort but they also mentor and coach team members, such as Lean Six Sigma Green Belts, throughout the project.  The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is an advanced practitioner who not only understands how to use the various tools in the Lean Six Sigma tool bag, but also knows when and where to use them.  They are much more than a statistician, they are a well rounded process improvement expert who is able to bring a myriad of approaches to the problem.

To this end, the Mountain Home Institute for Innovative Management (MHi) LSS Certification Working Group was again chartered by the Executive Director on December 20, 2006 to develop an addendum to the standardized Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge (LSS BOK) and associated certification criteria for the granting of academic credit for certification previously granted under the MHi Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Certification Program (as well as the former Department of Defense (DoD) BPR Certification Program).  The Working Group included the original five members of the initial LSS BOK and Certification Criteria Working Group to ensure consistency of evaluation.  These individuals were selected for their in-depth knowledge of process improvement, Lean innovation, and six sigma applications. They also serve on the MHi Board of Advisors.

In an effort to create a more comprehensive approach to Lean Six Sigma training and certification, and to take advantage of the significant academic work (which consisted of 188 hours of intense study) already completed by those who graduated the MHi BPR Certification Program, the working group was tasked to develop an additional option for certification in MHi’s LSS Certification Program.  This option would not only maintain the current certification standards and standardized knowledge requirements for Green Belts and Black Belts, but provide an even deeper level of understanding of enterprise process improvement than is required for current Black Belt certification.  Using the current LSS Black Belt certification criteria (required Learning Objectives) as the baseline, the Working Group reviewed and compared the Terminal Learning Objectives (TLOs) of both the existing MHi BPR Certification Program as well as the current LSS Black Belt Certification requirements to determine where each program overlapped and where they were different. Based on that review, the Working Group recommended a "BPR to LSS Certification" option, as described below.

Option BPR to LSS Certification:   If the individual has completed the MHi Lean Six Sigma GREEN Belt Certification, he/she would only be required to complete the new 5-Day Mountain Home LSS Black Belt Advanced Practitioner Course, MHC-2003BP. This course provides the additional advanced Lean Six Sigma concepts, techniques, and tools that were not covered in the original BPR Certification Program. 

If the individual has not completed the MHi Lean Six Sigma GREEN Belt Certification, then he/she would be required to complete the GREEN Belt certification before he/she could be accepted in the Advanced Practitioner's course (MHC-2003BP).

In addition, all participants are still required to present an actual project using the concepts, techniques, and tools taught during the certification course and successfully pass the MHi BLACK Belt Advanced Practitioner course exam before he/she would receive the title of a certified MHi Lean Six Sigma BLACK Belt.


PLEASE NOTE: The MHi Lean Six Sigma Certification series meets the stringent requirements of both the Departments of Navy and Army Lean Six Sigma Certification Criteria and includes the Navy's LSS Body of Knowledge as well as the LSS Body of Knowledge from the American Society for Quality.

MHi LSS Black Belt Advanced Practitioner Course,
MHC-2003BP (5 Days)

Course Outline:

Part 1
1. DEFINE (Advanced)
  1.1. Defining the Performance Problem (Advanced)
1.1.1. Project Selection Strategies
1.1.2. Advanced Stakeholder Analysis
1.1.3. Determine Process Performance Metrics
1.2. Case Study Application - Define
2. MEASURE (Advanced)

2.1. Build Process Model/Map
2.2. Build Value Stream Map
2.3. Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
2.3.1. Defining Complex Data Types
2.3.2. Advanced Collection Techniques (i.e., Technical Estimate, Historical Record)
2.3.3. Displaying Data
2.4. Analyze Process Capability
2.4.1. Design and Conduct Process Capability Study
2.4.2. Assess Process Capability
2.4.3. Assess Process Performance
2.5. Case Study Application - Measure

Part 2
3. ANALYZE (Advanced)

3.1. Advanced Value-Added Analysis Techniques
3.2. Analyzing Measures of Production (PCE, Yield, etc.)
3.3. Advanced Failure Modes Analysis
3.4. Cause & Effect Analysis
3.5. Verifying Root Causes (Hypothesis Testing, Correlation-Regression Analysis, Design of Experiments)
3.6. Case Study Application – Analyze

Part 3
4. IMPROVE (Advanced)

4.1. Advanced Lean Techniques
4.2. Developing Practical Solutions and Implementation Strategies
4.2. Develop the Business Case
4.3. Case Study Application – Improve

5. CONTROL (Advanced)
  5.1. Establish Statistical Process Control System
5.2. Building a usable Process Performance Control Plan
5.3. Case Study Application - Control



Class Duration

Traditional Classroom: 5 Days.
OnDemand: Total of 30 Hours of online and off-line material.

Who Should Attend
Individuals who have completed the MHi BPR Certification Program and are looking for an in-depth, working knowledge of lean Six Sigma concepts, techniques and tools.
Tuition Rate

Public Offering: $1,195.00  -  Online:  $995.00


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